FREE Resources

These free resources use some of the principles covered in the Clear Sales Message book to help you create a clearer sales message today.

Understand Your Buyer

44 Psychological factors you need to know about.



“What do you do?” Worksheet – A simple template to answer the most commonly asked question in business in a clearer and more engaging  manner.

Sales Message clarity Checklist – Rate how effective your current sales message may or may not be.

“Why should I choose you?” Worksheet – Practical ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

How to be more memorable Worksheet – Practical ways to help you stand out in the marketplace.

Features and Benefits Worksheet – Simple tool to differentiate between features and benefits.

How to define your ideal client Worksheet  – A Clear Sales Message requires you to know who your ideal client is. Find out

YES Questions – 6 Questions to engage your clients and get them saying YES.


Want more? These resources and more can be found in the Clear Sales Message book