Do you struggle to explain your offering?

  • Do you struggle to explain your offering?

  • Do you find it difficult to engage buyers?

  • Do you struggle to differentiate against the competition?

  • Do you need help knowing what to focus on when speaking with prospects?

The Clear Sales Message™ Course helps you to maximise every selling conversation by knowing what to say and how to engage your buyers through talking about what matters to them.

Designed for “I’m not a salesperson” people.

The Clear Sales Message™ Course is designed to teach anyone, anywhere how to sell anything by creating a C.L.E.A.R and commercially viable sales message and the assets you need to engage and convert potential buyers.

When you know what to say and how to confidently answer common client questions, it completely changes the dynamic of the conversation. If you struggle to explain what you do, or appear unconfident or unprepared it can lose the sale regardless of how great your offering is (or even the price).

There has never been a step by process for you to follow which contains everything you need to create your Clear Sales Message™. Until now.

A successful formula you can follow step by step.

To maximise every selling situation, you simply need to be prepared and know what to say and how to say it – as well as have the assets you need to back that up.

This is why Clear Sales Messageexists.

Whilst we are all familiar with our offering, we often answer the same questions in different ways and can find questions like “why should I choose you?” difficult to answer in a compelling way.

Since 2017, we have worked with countless companies to help them hone their sales messaging and maximise their selling conversations.

In that time, we have created and distilled our C.L.E.A.R methodology, which now forms a step by step process that anyone can follow to define or re-define how they talk about their offering.

Step 1 – Refine your message.

You already have a sales message and you already have clients, so this part of the process is looking at what is currently happening. We need to establish the basic factors about your offering and your clients to allow us to move forward.

We look at:

With these elements established, we form the basis of the “arguments” for your offering and understand how and why your clients would need you and should choose you.

Step 2 – Answer common questions.

With your messaging refined, we can then create the “arguments” and assets necessary to support you in your online and offline selling conversations.

We look at:

With these questions answered, we can move on to create the assets you need.

Step 3 – Create the assets.

The ROI bit (what this stuff does)

There are some distinct advantages afforded directly from creating a Clear Sales Message™, but the overarching principle is that you can maximise every selling conversation which leads to an improvement in your performance.

Upon creating your Clear Sales Message™, you will benefit from one or all of the following:

  • Confidence – Speak and pitch more confidently knowing you are prepared for any and all questions.
  • Differentiation – Confidently differentiate yourself using one of 28 ways.
  • Memorability – Focus on being memorable using one of 17 different methods in the course.
  • Revenue – Your new messaging will help maximise more selling conversations and thus increase your conversions.
  • Scaleability – If you have a team or are growing, standardising your message ensures everyone sells at their best.

The science bit. (Why this stuff works)

Selling is all about communication.

It’s a conversation with money at the end.

  • Your ability to communicate your offering in conversation and on websites, business cards, brochures, pitches, adverts and more will define your success in sales.
  • Most businesses fail to successfully articulate what they do so that others understand. This is the first hurdle – If they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it.
  • Most businesses fail to engage their potential clients and focus on what is appealing and engaging. This is the second hurdle – If they don’t care, they won’t buy.
  • Most businesses fail to answer even the most basic of questions in a confident and consistent fashion. This is the final hurdle  – If you don’t communicate clearly and confidently, it deter​s​ buyers who need to see confidence, certainty and expertise to buy.

Methodology. (How this stuff works)

Every part of the Clear Sales Message Course has been designed using our C.L.E.A.R. Methodology.

This methodology was created and tested over approx 2 years with real clients who have grown their confidence, revenue and business thanks to their messaging.

In addition to our methodology, there are over 100 factors we call upon to seize attention, engage and convert using psychology, science and common sense. All of these factors are included in the course here.

The Clear Sales Message approach is proven, respected and provides a tangible commercial impact for the clients we serve.

It’s not about being clever. It’s about being C.L.E.A.R.

Feedback. (Does this stuff actually work?)


The same methodology that forms the Clear Sales Message™ Course has been used to develop names, taglines and messaging for a number of clients since 2017.

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Who created this course? (Is he any good?)

James Newell created Clear Sales Message in 2017 as he transitioned from a successful career in the corporate sales environment to finding and following his passion running his own sales consultancy.

Having supplied £600M worth of vehicles to his clients over 12 years and having never missed a sales target in that time; James sought to distill the “secrets” that contributed to his performance and to use this to train others.

Working with small to medium size businesses in the UK it became apparent very quickly that many businesses required a defined value proposition- or “sales message”. By creating a means for companies and salespeople to communicate more clearly, James was able to transform their performance and also understand just how he performed so well.

It turns out that selling all comes down to the quality of your communication.

Read more here.

It’s time to maximise EVERY selling conversation

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9 ways to open the sales conversation.
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20 Tagline templates.
100+ call to action ideas.
17 ways to make yourself more memorable.
17 ways to create a better website address.
28 ways to differentiate yourself.
8 ways to explain how you do what you do (and 51 ways to name that process).
How to create a C.L.E.A.R Social Media Profile.
How to create a C.L.E.A.R email signature.
How to create C.L.E.A.R business cards.

Your questions. Answered.

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