šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m James Newell and I teach people how to sell.


Itā€™s my mission to demystify sellingĀ by breaking it into modular components likeĀ this:

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of people to help them develop Selling Confidenceā„¢ and create a Clear Sales Messageā„¢ .

From solopreneurs to large global companies to universities and incubators, my simple, step by step methodology has helped generate Ā£millions for my clients (and help them feel more confident too)


ā¬‡ļø Here are the 3 ways you can work with me ā¬‡ļø

1 – Got a specific selling issue?

Practical Sales Trainingā„¢ Courses

Some of the time you just want to know how to solve a very specific selling issue like “how do I differentiate?” or “How do I get my clients to spend more with me?”

Practical Sales Trainingā„¢ is a series of action focussed, affordable sales training courses for entrepreneurs and small business owners to quickly learn what they need to move forwards.

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2 – Not sure what to say or do to sell?

Selling Confidenceā„¢ Group Coaching

Most people are fearful or unsure about selling– often because they just don’t know what to say or what to do.

Selling Confidenceā„¢ is my 6 month group coaching programme which covers the following areas of selling:

  1. Target & Action Plan
  2. Messaging & Offer
  3. Mindset
  4. Finding Buyers
  5. Closing & Objection handling
  6. Following up

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3 – Find it hard to communicate your offering?

Clear Sales Messageā„¢Ā  Consultancy

Most businesses are aware of the importance of a congruent and consistent brand, but few have a congruent and consistent message which can affect attracting clients as well as converting them.

My CLEAR methodology is designed to solve these main issues:

  1. Simplify a complex/technical/hard to explain offering
  2. Differentiate in a crowded market
  3. “Justify the price” of an intangible/high value offer

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