Add on services

Once you have worked with us to generate a Clear Sales Message, you may also benefit from one of the following additional services we can offer.

Many of our clients ask us to create sales copy for their websites and sales collateral as well as retaining us on a monthly basis to ensure they have the support they need.

Sales Copy

The natural next step once you have defined your messaging is to  create the sales material that will help to communicate with your clients at each point of contact.

Sales letters Warm and cold introductions to your offering.
Pitches How to start, end and structure the perfect pitch.
Emails Sales emails and email sequence content.
Website copy Everything you need to increase website conversion.
Brochures Introducting your offering and your business elegantly.
Social Media posts What to say, how to say it and when.
Bios Short and engaging social media biographies.
Product Descriptions How you describe your offering is everything.

Sales Training

To maximise the effectiveness of your Clear Sales Message, it’s advisable to train your teams (both sales and non sales focussed teams) to ensure that at every point of contact, your clients are being met with a consistent and engaging sales message

No two training engagements are the same for us, we draw on some core models and find what fits best for you:

Foundation The basics of effective sales communication
Psychology Looking at the fundamental psychology of selling.
Messaging Understanding the messaging that has been created
Issue handling Dealing with pressing sales issues as raised by the team.
Client Research Understanding your clients and their motivations
Differentiators Understanding where your offering sits in the marketplace

We use many of the 44 psychological buying factors to train your staff how to sell and communicate effectively. This is then combined with your bespoke messaging to ensure at the end of the session your team are equipped, confident and ready to sell.

We cover things like this:

Ad-Hoc Sales Support

Whether it’s feedback on a presentation or email, an issue you need help with or some plans you want a second opinion. Our ad-hoc sales support provides you with experienced, reliable and effective sales support.

We offer monthly retainer packages priced by the hour to allow you scalable access to the sales support you need, as and when you need it.