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Are you making these mistakes?

In this value packed and action based webinar, we look at the 4 common sales mistakes that are not only costing you money, but that you might not realise you are already making. Focussing on science, neuroscience and common sense, the action points covered are proven to work and can be implemented instantly for zero cost.

If you want to maximise your chance of making the sale, then you need to make sure you aren’t making these basic mistakes.


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Do you fear, hate or avoid selling?

“Scared to sell” was written for people who need to sell in the course of their work but don’t know what to do, don’t enjoy it or just find the thought of selling to be daunting.

It’s common to feel pushy or “salesy” when you are in a selling situation, but when that holds you back it can be an issue that compounds over time.

This book is dedicated to eradicating the misinformation, myths and poor stereotypes that give sales such a bad name.

In life and in business, the ability to communicate and sell are essential for success and yet for so many, it carries emotional baggage and can feel overwhelming.

Written in a simple, actionable style, “Scared to sell” can help you change the way you sell FOREVER.


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Do you know what makes your buyers buy?

Understanding your buyer better is one of the “secrets” to making the sale. As human beings we are biasedimperfect and largely driven by emotion rather than logic.

This FREE pdf sheds some light on the many factors at play that can help you make or lose the sale.

Selling is about good communication and finding a connection, not techniques and trickery.

Utilising elements of psychology, science, common sense and the Clear Sales Message philosophy, this guide is designed to improve your communication and drive your client engagement right now. For free.


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