What are you selling?

Who are you selling it to?

..and why should they care?

If you aren’t clear on this, your sales efforts will be severely limited.

The Clear Sales Message book focusses on the 7 core questions your clients will be thinking or asking prior to making any purchase from you.

Remember: if they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it.

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8 seconds.

That’s all the time you have.

When communicating with new potential clients, you have 8 seconds of their attention.

In 8 seconds, you need to grab attention, explain what you do and generate enough interest that the potential client may wish to know more.

Oh, and you need to be memorable too. In 8 seconds.

To achieve this – you need a tagline. Find out more here.


Don’t give yourself a bad name.

The name of your business, product or service is one of the most crucial and yet most overlooked elements.

So many businesses, products and services have forgettable or difficult to read and remember names.

Your name is your first impression. It’s crucial.

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What makes your buyers buy?

“80+ ways to reach, engage and convert people to buy using psychology, science and common sense.”

In the book we cover:

  • How people work – 18 factors that affect client behaviour.
  • Selling Communication Basics – 12 ways to communicate more clearly.
  • How to get attention – 18 ways to stand out and be noticed.
  • How to engage – 27 ways to engage potential buyers.
  • How to convert – 10 ways to convert prospects to buyers.


Everything in the book works and is backed by psychology, science, common sense and my own testing.

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