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What is it?

A Cat’s Paw is a person used to carry out the deeds of another. It all comes down to muddying the waters of blame and responsibility.

Why does it work?

It works because it places blame and responsibility on a third party who may be unfamiliar to your buyer.  In doing so you can, as the seller, be on the side of the buyer and championing their needs, whilst also not doing certain things because you aren’t allowed to do so…


How can you use it?

In real terms, a Cat’s Paw is used when you blame a third party for decisions made or actions taken.

For example, if you’re asked for a discount you could respond by saying “I’d need to ask my boss – what’s the reason for the discount? I’ll need to justify it to him”

By using a third party, you can excuse yourself from responsibility but still deliver the bad news or push for the particular situation you need to.


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