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What is it?

When you lose a client, handling it carefully can ensure the door remains open and your reputation remains in tact.

Why does it work?

Let’s face it, we’ll lose clients at some point. It’s just the nature of business and life. How you handle this situation can make a huge difference and yet it’s overlooked by most as it’s the negativity of losing a client that prevails. The fact is, if you can handle the loss with professionalism, grace or even humour (as in the FitBit example) then you leave yourself in a position to potentially prevail.


How can you use it?

Depending on your offering, think about when you lose people.

Do they unsubscribe from your email list? Do they cancel a membership? Do they return something for a refund?

Whatever the situation, there are some key points we want to make either individually or all together:

  • Thank you for being a customer.
  • How can we learn from this.
  • We wish you well for the future.

Parting on good terms is often overlooked, but can make all the difference. If you make an effort to onboard clients, then you should off-board them too.


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