Coral Fraser

The client:

Coral Fraser is an experienced and effective hospitality trainer. Having worked for some time in the industry for others she decided to become independent and create her own consultancy to offer training services to hospitality clients.

The brief:

Whilst an experienced and effective hospitality trainer, Coral needed a Clear and defined proposition to bring some tangibility to what she offers. Training can often be misunderstood or dismissed as ineffective or intangible so it was crucial that we provided not only a focus on the benefits that training can provide but also provide a little more depth and context as to what training actually entails.

The delivery:

The key to the success of this client was to confirm precisely what they offer and how they differentiate from the myriad of other hospitality training providers.

Having understood how Coral works, we created the tagline:

“A shift in hospitality training”

This encapsulates Coral’s approach, both that she offers “on shift” training, and that the way she works provides a “shift” in performance and attitude.

To take this a step further and to create an engaging answer to “how do you do what you do?” we developed SHIFT into an acrostic:

Seeing the true gaps in ability and knowledge.

Helping team members to work autonomously

Increasing profitability

Focussing the team on core objectives

Training people to train others. (Trained people. Train people.)


As a result of the Clear Sales Message work, Coral can confidently move forward with a clear and engaging website, sales message and a confident sales approach.

The feedback:

“Before working with James, the focus of the business was all over the place. All great ideas with no flow. Now with a Clear Sales Message I not only have the confidence of to promote myself online, but I have the confidence to deliver my sales message in person. Having this clear message about my business has got me in to meetings and opened up opportunities I didn’t think I would have for years to come. After just 1 and 1/2 hours of me rambling over a coffee I was presented with everything I had been trying to explain in one document. The added bonus is that James it also a really nice guy! Open, honest and really easy to speak to.  ”