The client:

Crownstone are a group of companies specialising in damp and moisture prevention, protection as well as surveying, planning and constructing every aspect of basements.

The brief:

With a new website being planned, Crownstone wanted to take the opportunity to refine their message as they offer a wide range of services. They also wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition in a more meaningful way.

The delivery:

There are two distinctive things that CrownStone specialise in, one being damp and waterproofing and the other being basement construction.

Creating a tagline for the group the reflected both the values of the company whilst hinting at the varied work they specials in resulted in:

“Everything we do is built on a foundation of trust.”

To describe the basement element of the business we also created the tagline:

“Take your property to another level.”

And for the damp and waterproofing are of the business, we created the tagline:

“Stop the rising cost of damp.”

From there we created two acrostics to help define and clearly present the two separate specialisms of the Group. To achieve this we focussed not on what Crownstone provide, but the real value they provide which is respectively providing more space for their clients and helping them contend with damp:





Every aspect of basements.

Damp, Drainage





The feedback:

James has been a great help to our business. He’s helped us create a clearer sales message that we can use to help explain our business better to anyone and everyone.”