The client:

EW Technologies are a leading water treatment company operating in the UK and Ireland.

They principally install water softeners and carry out water treatments and other related work.

The brief:

Whilst an established and successful business in the domestic market,  EWT wanted a succinct way to explain the benefits of water softening to the commercial market.

The delivery:

As a result of the Clear Sales Message work conducted, we concluded that water softening’s principal benefit to business was that of saving energy.

For every 1% of limescale in pipework, a boiler loses 7% efficiency. As 85% of energy bills are for heating water, this has a significant impact on energy bills.

As a memorable way to encapsulate the concept of “Energy Saving Water”, we recommended the client create a graphic comparing an energy saving light bulb to a droplet of water.

The feedback:

“Creating a Clear Sales Message for the commercial market has allowed us to not only differentiate ourselves from our competitors, but also to explain the benefits of softened water in a more tangible way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clear Sales Message, they have really delivered what we need.”