First Person Questions

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What is it?

First Person Questions is the art of providing information as the answer to questions that your reader or potential client may have asked in their own language and from their own point of view.


Why does it work?

If you were presented with two links – one was “pricing” and the other was “how much does this cost?”, which one do you feel more connected to? Which one are you more likely to click? As humans we are self focused and respond positively to things that are in our self interest. It works because it literally “speaks our language”.


How can you use it?

Use plain English terminology to present and link to information. What are the common questions fears and drivers of your potential clients? how can you adapt your content to appeal and how can you phrase questions that would be naturally asked such as “how much does it cost?”

(You will notice that the titles on this very page are written in the first person)


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