How it works

To create your Clear Sales Message is a simple and straightforward process comprising three steps.

It takes on average 2-6 weeks to complete depending on various factors but there is no limit to the iteration – the project is only finalised when you are happy – however long that may take or not.

Step 1 – Research

The research phase involves us looking closely at your business, product or service and identifying precisely what you
do. We look at the value you bring to the marketplace, the context within which that would be relevant and attractive as well as the trigger situations where your messaging would be most effective.

Step 2 – Create & Iterate

With the research phase complete, the creative process begins. Creating phrases, copy, taglines, and finding new “approaches” for your product or service occur during the Creative phase.

Iteration is the key to success- there may be 3 or 4 different meetings to present and discuss ideas, there is no limit. What matters most is that the Clear Sales Message produced is easy to remember, understand and adheres to the principles of a Clear Sales Message.

Step 3 – Implement

With the creative work finalised, we look at where and how to best implement your Clear Sales Message to maximum effect.


To create your Clear Sales Message, or for a free consultation please contact us.