• Have you ever been told you are expensive?

  • Have you ever lost business to a “cheaper” competitor?

  • Do you find it hard to “justify” the price?


Then this is for you….

What this training covers

The problems you might be facing:

Firstly, we’ll look at the problems you are facing and seek to understand precisely what’s happening and why. Things like:

ℹ️ Identifying the problems you may be facing helps your buyers to feel that you understand them and are thus more likely to be able to help.

  • “What do I get for the money?”
  • “Why are you so expensive?”
  • “We can get this cheaper elsewhere”
  • “Do we really need this?”
  • “Can’t we just do this ourselves”
  • “Can we have a discount?”
  • “Can we just buy part of your offering?”
  • “Can we pay you only when we see the results?”

The 8 reasons why you are experiencing these issues:

Understanding why you’re facing these issues is key to resolving them effectively. There are 8 common things that are happening:

ℹ️ Using specific numbered lists with parts missing can help engage potential buyers – they’re called  information gaps

    1. You ____ have  ___
    2. You lack ____
    3. Clients think it’s ____
    4. You don’t ____ the ___
    5. You talk about ___ instead of ___
    6. You can’t ____
    7. Your buyer is ____
    8. You lose ___ to ____

32 strategies to “justify” the price:

We’ll explore 32 different, practical strategies you can employ to overcome the issue and “justify” the price.

ℹ️ Listing out everything a buyer will receive like this can help to justify the price and promote a sense of abundance

    1. Re___ your offering.
    2. Talk about the ____
    3. Split the price into ____
    4. Talk about what it’s ____
    5. Talk about any ____ element
    6. Calculate ____ time
    7. Use ____ heavily
    8. Use specific ___ as well
    9. Illustrate the ____
    10. Talk about the ____
    11. Mention if you are _____
    12. Promote if you are ____
    13. Are you ____?
    14. Are you also _____?
    15. Do you provide an ______
    16. What does your offering _____?
    17. Show the _____
    18. Utilise ___ and ____
    19. Are you ____ vs. the alternatives?
    20. Focus on how easy it is to ____
    21. Are you providing _____?
    22. Do you have a _____?
    23. Could you have a _____?
    24. Consider your ____ approach
    25. Offer things as _____
    26. Are you ____ to ____?
    27. Do you provide ____?
    28. Will your solution ____ with ____?
    29. Use ___ messaging
    30. Focus on ____
    31. What are you ____ to?
    32. Can you provide a ____?

8 practical actions you can begin to implement TODAY

Start to solve this issue today with our simple action plan.

ℹ️ If you know this training will work quickly and help you to change things today, you might be more inclined to buy it.

    1. Understand why _____
    2. Start to collect ___
    3. Create a way to ____
    4. _____ the price
    5. Change your focus to ____
    6. Prepare for ______
    7. Ensure your buyer is ____
    8. Create a way to _______

Who this is for:

Anyone who is frustrated with buyers who complain about cost and either don’t buy or push for discounts and additional deliverables.

ℹ️ Identifying exactly who your offering is for helps buyers to understand how relevant your solution may be.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Sales executives

What you get:

ℹ️ Giving buyers a checklist of everything they will get just before they buy can help solidify their decision.

  • 2hr Masterclass – access anytime on any device.
  • 32 actionable strategies
  • 8 point practical action plan
  • Lifetime access



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Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Sales Training™ was designed primarily for solopreneurs and small business owners. If you are an employee then much of what is covered will resonate, but some of the structures involve changing or crafting your offer which you may not have the power to do.
The course is yours to keep. You will have lifetime access and can revisit anytime.
Each Practical Sales Training™ course ranges from 1hr - 2hrs in length. The real magic isn't in how long the videos are, but in you taking action and following the suggested structures.