Are You Selling The Right Thing?

(the 10 common sales mistakes you might be making – and how to fix them)

Brought to you by James Newell


In this FREE 30 min training, we’ll cover the top 10 sales mistakes I see most often and provide practical solutions and strategies to overcome them.

The training lasts about 30 mins and is designed for you to take ACTION.

If you want to know more about me you can find out about my story and my approach to selling.


This is what we’ll cover:


1 – Sell the _____ not the ______

2 – Take the time to know your ______

3 – Make sure it’s the right ______

4 – Have plenty of _____

5 – Make sure your _____ is _____

6 – Articulate the ______

7 – Have a ________ 

8 – Tell us _____ you do it.

9 – You don’t have an ______

10 – How will you _______?



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