The Easter egg Effect

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What is it?

The Easter Egg Effect is all about recognising your loyal fans and customers by sharing “in jokes” and familiar things using hidden “easter eggs” in your messaging and offering.


Why does it work?

It works because it makes your most loyal buyers and fans feel special. It recognises their attention and highlights the fact that you appreciate them so much that you’ve taken the time to add something special just for them.

For example, the image used for this Effect includes a caricature of James, our founder. We use the caricature in our Youtube videos but never in these images. As a follower you would spot the difference, but also recognise the caricature.

How can you use it?

This is very much something that is specific to your business, your clients and your offering. How could you include references to old versions of your offering or other familiar elements that your most loyal fans and clients would recognise?

See how Pixar do it here.



Some companies put things on the labels of their physical products to have a little fun too – like this doormat.



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