The Association Effect

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What is it?

The Association Effect is all about capitalising on brand awareness and past success by making the link between products/services/businesses.


Why does it work?

It works because it reassures us of an expected level of quality. If JK Rowling wrote a new book tomorrow, you would be more likely to buy it because you have an expected level of quality. As humans, we are seeking the elimination of risk and as such we stick with recognised and trusted things. When you read any Julia Donaldson book, reference is made to her most popular book (The Gruffalo) to link the new book to the past success as an assurance of quality.


How can you use it?

If you have any successful products, services, brands or businesses then could you link them together in a positive way? In the movies we often hear “from the people who brought you XYZ film”, how could that work for your business? For example: From the people that brought you Clear Sales Message, Selling Confidence™ is designed to change the way you sell FOREVER.



A lot of movies describe upcoming projects using terms like “From the writer of Forrest Gump” so you link the quality of the unknown new film with the established quality and standard of Forrest Gump.


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