Tell me, I’ll forget.
Show me, I’ll remember.
Involve me, I’ll understand.

Once you have created your Clear Sales Message, it’s often necessary to then educate your team so that every person in your organisation communicates the same message to clients and prospects.

Ensuring that you not only have a Clear Sales Message, but a coherent sales message, is the real “secret” to improving your sales performance. Ensuring each member of your team, every email, every pitch, every meeting, every touchpoint conveys your Clear Sales Message will ensure you are engaging the right clients, with the right messages at the right time.

This one day course is designed to train delegates not only the basics of client focussed selling, but also how the newly created Sales Messaging fits into that picture, why it’s important and how best to use it.

Mixing effective sales methodology with your bespoke sales messaging, the course is designed to be interactive, effective and memorable.

At the end of the course, delegates will

  • Understand why client focussed selling is crucial to long term success.
  • Understand how to engage and appeal to clients with the right message at the right moment.
  • Understand what a Clear Sales Message is and why it’s important.
  • Understand the difference between features and benefits and why this alone can transform your sales.
  • Understand client triggers and buying cycles to ensure you are speaking with the right people at the right moment.
  • Understand client behaviour and the psychology behind the buying process.
  • Understand FOCUS FLOW – how you interact with your clients.
  • Use SERVE to ensure going forward, delegates  remain client focussed.
  • Use EPL to ensure you retain and maximise existing client relationships.
  • ..and much more.

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In addition to this one day training, we offer ongoing sales support, strategy and training.