Burden of Proof

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What is it?

The Burden of Proof reminds us that for us to get clients to buy, we need to do everything possible to give them the information and opportunity to do so. The burden is on us as to whether they buy or not.


Why does it work?

Remembering that we need to provide all of the information, opportunity and ease of interaction required to secure a sale drives our behaviour in the right direction.


How can you use it?

If you were the buyer of your product or service, what questions, fears and uncertainties would you face? Can you find all of the information you need on the product, packaging or website? or is it a couple of clicks deep?

Remembering that the burden of proof, the burden of presenting the case to buy what you sell falls to you, you will avoid falling into the trap of being a “victim” and blaming your clients’ lack of understanding or action.

It’s all on you to make the sale.


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