It’s about being different. Not unique.

Understanding how you differentiate and why your clients should choose you is something that many businesses approach, but get wrong.

Your clients are looking for tangible and meaningful reasons to work with you.

How you differentiate doesn’t need to be unique or extremely rare but it does need to have some tangibility for your potential clients.

Avoiding standard differentiators such as “professional”, “reliable” and “affordable” will ensure you engage your clients and give them reason to buy.

You might need this if..

  • You struggle to differentiate from your competitors.
  • You operate in a crowded marketplace which has become commoditised.
  • Your sale performance is poorer than you would like.

What you get 

Differentiating isn’t about being unique or the best or the first.

It’s about finding what matters to your clients and bringing that to their attention.

The reason most businesses fail to differentiate effectively is because they don’t focus on their client’s motivators and use “professional”, “reliable” or “affordable” to stand out.

We cover three areas when we look at your differentiation:


Differentiators Establishing credible differentiators.
Research Analyse your offering & messaging
Research Analyise competitor messaging


Why you’d need it

Ensuring your business is prepared for how you differentiate is a crucial factor in your sales success.

Differentiating on a tangible basis that is meaningful to your client can often lead to a sale, whereas differentiating on meaningless factors to your client might lead to losing the opportunity.

Being prepared for how you differentiate and creating responses will increase your conversions and the confidence amongst your sales team– never again will you fear being asked  “why should I choose you?”.

Communicating with your clients in an engaging and commercially focussed way is at the heart of all we do. Adhering to the principles of creating CLEAR content and the 7 questions your clients will be considering, we ensure that every part of our work  is focussed on engaging and converting clients.

We also consider the numerous psychological factors that influence your buyers’ behaviour.