3 Principles of a Clear Sales Message

The principles of creating a Clear Sales Message are as obvious as they are simple, but common sense is not always common action.

Where most businesses fall into the trap of talking about themselves, why they are great and the features of what they do, what’s necessary for success is a focus on the client, the benefit provided and delivering this simply and effectively.


Focus on the client

It all begins with focussing on the client. Without clients, the product or service you offer would be obsolete.

Your clients are the reason you are in business and it is essential that you adapt to the needs, the perspective and language of your clients.

Focus on the benefit

What are you actually providing for your clients?

You may misunderstand the real benefit and value you provide and this can impact how you communicate with your client.

Focus on simplicity

Once you understand your client’s needs and the value that you provide to them, presenting this in an accessible and simplistic manner brings everything together.

Replace jargon and complication with simple language and engaging calls to action.