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What is it?

Offering those who get in touch a real world, tangible gift – an alternative to the traditional lead magnet, the enquiry gift gives people an incentive to.. enquire!  This is a rare one, but here in the UK there is a well known example, so it’s worthy of note if nothing else.

Why does it work?

It works because people love free stuff and the Parker Pen in our example here has some perceived value so it makes sense. This is about risk reduction as much as anything else – if you “waste” your time enquiring about life assurance, at least you’ve “earned” a nice Parker pen.. so the time isn’t wasted.


How can you use it?

Think about an appropriate gift you could offer those enquiring for your services – ideally an actual physical thing like the pen? It needs to have a high enough value or perceived value that it will encourage people to invest the time in talking with you. It could even be a donation to a charity – so long as that would be attractive to your buyer.


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