Isn’t this all just “The Emporer’s new clothes”?

Your perception is your world.

Whilst changing words on your website or the words that you speak may seem insignificant, you will know as a consumer yourself that if you don’t understand what a product or service does or what it can do for you, then you are more likely to pass up any opportunity than put in the effort to find out more.

Whilst creating a Clear Sales Message may seem insignificant- and as such it’s missed by countless businesses and salespeople, it is the very first step in your sales process. It’s only once you have explained what you do and what that means for your client, that you can look to move forward.

Let’s consider a quick example: grass feed that gives you a greener lawn.

The un-optimised message might read:

Wiley’s grass seed – feed your lawn and keep weeds at bay.

When you start to optimise and clarify your sales message to make it more appealing to clients, you shift focus to the characteristics and benefits that are most relevant.

We will explore these elements in more detail, but in summary here we know that for those looking to improve their lawn, there is a need to understand how long the process takes and to be assured that the grass will turn green and lush once more.

By mentioning either or both of these elements we immediately become more appealing to the client as we are better addressing their needs.

A Clear Sales Message might read:

Wiley’s grass seed – perfectly green grass in 30 days.


Wiley’s secret grass formula. Powerful results fast or your money back.


Wiley’s one shot grass seed. 10 minutes to apply for a year of greener grass.

You can already see how tailoring the sales message to the client’s needs (using factual characteristics) and even changing the name of the product to something more specific can make a difference to what you understand and what appeals.

And yet the grass seed is the same, we’ve merely changed what we are focussing upon to engage our potential client by speaking in their terms about the things that matter to them.

Now you understand a little more about what a Clear Sales Message is, why you need one and how it can increase your sales – how do you know if your current sales message is clear enough?

Find out here.