Leading with lies

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What is it?

Leading with lies is specifically referencing that moment you receive a cold email or call from someone but it’s clearly under a false pretence.

Why does it work?

It works because 9/10 we can tell when we are being lied to and it immediately destroys any trust. The only person you fool when you use such poor tactics is yourself. You think you have everyone fooled, but they can see what you are doing and it actually works against you.



How can you use it?

Quite simply don’t do it. You are probably lying because you have no better reason to be contacting me, so find a better one. What could you share, or how could you interact in a way that would benefit the client and leave them appreciating the time taken to make contact?

It takes more time and effort to outreach people in this way, but it’s the ONLY way to make any progress. Lies will always come back to haunt you and your reputation.





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