Objection Handling

Objections are often requests for more information.

Sales objections are all that stands between you and taking your sales performance to the next level.

Objections are often feared, misunderstood and avoided.

We actively encourage our clients to prevent, handle and even raise objections on behalf of clients-

You might need this if..

  • You face the same objections and are not able to overcome them.
  • Your sales performance is poorer than you would like.

What you get 

We will look at the specific and common objections you face when presenting your offering for sale and for each instance we will create a framework and reasoning to help you to deal with, eliminate and sell from the objections you face.

Objections are often buying intent signals- the buyer is moving towards wanting to buy, but is unsure on a certain point and it’s on this principle that we base out work.

Everything we produce is specific to your business and your needs- this is not a generic offering.

Why you’d need it

Ensuring your business is prepared for your common objections is a crucial factor in your sales success. A well handled objection can often lead to a sale, whereas poor objection handling, or simply avoiding the issue will only lead to losing the opportunity.

Being prepared for common objections and creating responses will increase your conversions and the confidence amongst your sales team– never again will you fear questions such as “why are you so expensive?” or “why should I choose you?”

Communicating with your clients in an engaging and commercially focussed way is at the heart of all we do. Adhering to the principles of creating CLEAR content and the 7 questions your clients will be considering, we ensure that every part of our sales training is focussed on engaging and converting clients.

We also consider the numerous psychological factors that influence your buyers’ behaviour.