Over Flattery Effect

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What is it?

We are all susceptible to flattery and compliments – its human nature. But, when someone you don’t know appears out of the blue in your DMs telling you how wonderful you are… it’s often a warning sign that a pitch is incoming..

Why does it work?

It works to make people suspicious, because we’ve seen it all before. An overly complimentary connection request/DM is 99% likely to precede a pitch.

The reality is that you can say nice things about other people and pay them genuine compliments, but the speed and quantity of them will tell us your intentions.

More compliments, faster, is a sign you are working through a list of potential buyers and spamming everyone with your heart felt appreciation…..


How can you use it?

If you want to make your potential buyers suspicious or distrusting of you, then lead with fake enthusiasm and over flattery.

The more the better!

Bonus points for quick and aggressive poor follow ups  where you ignore any lack of response and proceed with your spam attack.


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