Sales Support

The support you need. When you need it.

If your computers fail – you can call I.T support.

Problem with the phones? Call the telephone company.

Problem with sales? ….who do you call?

This service is designed for companies who are continually pitching and communicating with their clients who need support to ensure they maximise every opportunity.

You might need this if..

  • You are continually pitching for new business.
  • You have a sales team and perhaps they aren’t performing as you would expect.
  • You know you need some professional input but don’t know where to get it.

What you get 

Advice, guidance and input from an experienced sales professional.

Unbiased input which allows you to identify and develop weak areas, identify potential new opportunities for growth and align everything you do towards prospect conversion.

Flexible telephone and email access for ad-hoc help and support as it happens- everything is tailored to your need, not to “a process”. 

Why you’d need it

Ongoing sales support is vital to provide you with experienced and objective feedback and advice to improve.

If your sales aren’t where you would like them to be, there are some common simple changes that can be applied to move forward, but without an outside input you may well repeat the same mistakes which are limiting your performance.

Communicating with your clients in an engaging and commercially focussed way is at the heart of all we do. Adhering to the principles of creating CLEAR content and the 7 questions your clients will be considering, we ensure that every part of your sales process is focussed on engaging and converting clients.

We also consider the numerous psychological factors that influence your buyers’ behaviour.