The Safety First Effect

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What is it?

Particularly since COVID-19, there has been a greater focus placed on the safety element of the things we buy.

Why does it work?

It works because many people are more aware than ever when it comes to hygiene, infection control and the fragility of life. Many offerings which had little to no correlation to health and safety matters (staying in a hotel) are now required to focus heavily on how each room is sanitised and made safe between guests. Whilst the importance of hygiene and infection control may be a short term consideration, it’s an important factor that can sway buying behaviour.

How can you use it?

Consider where your buyers may have questions about hygiene, infection control and safety with your offering. From how things are sanitised between clients, to precautions you take, cleaning schedules you adhere to and a number of other factors – how can you assure me that your offering is safe, clean and hygienic?


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