The Uniform Effect

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What is it?

When every person who represents your business wears a uniform, it can communicate professionalism and make you memorable.


Why does it work?

It works because uniformity (excise the pun) is an encouraging thing for buyers to see.

It communicates attention to detail, care and forethought – all things your buyer will be looking for and will appreciate.

A well designed uniform, worn by all customer facing staff, tells me that this is a company that is professional.


How can you use it?

The first question to ask is whether or not a uniform is appropriate for your business / team. It’s not for everyone. In that case, you may use branded items instead as a compromise.

If it is appropriate, you simply need to consider the style to match your brand. Are you serious? fun? colourful?.

The right uniform meets the following criteria:

  • Comfortable for your staff.
  • Memorable to your buyers.
  • Reflective of your brand.



One of the most recognisable uniforms with the largest exposure has to be the McDonalds uniform which, has changed slightly over the years, but remains recognisable.


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