The warning signs of a poor sales message

The main warning signs of a poor sales message are:

1. A lack of confidence when speaking about your business, product or service.

If you dread the “what do you do?” question or if you fail to answer the “why should we choose you?” question then you lack the confidence to promote what you do. Confidence comes from clarity and clarity comes from a Clear Sales Message.

2. A high website bounce rate or poor website conversion.

A high “bounce” rate from your website is another warning sign of a poor sales message. Your marketing and advertising draws visitors to your site, but if your copy (the actual content and words you use on your website) isn’t clear or compelling enough it can mean the visitor leaves as they don’t “get it” and won’t be investing any time to find out more.

3. A high percentage of referral business.

Whilst referral business is THE best kind of business to have, it can be a warning sign that your sales message is not clear. Only receiving referral business means that those who buy your product or service require a personal recommendation or an in-depth explanation of what you do.

4. A poor or sporadic sales performance.

With a clearly defined sales message, target client and understanding of the value you bring, you simply should not be experiencing poor conversion. A poor or sporadic sales performance can reflect both the lack of connection and understanding with your clients as well as a lack of confidence or consistency.

5. A “one stop shop” approach

Your Sales Message will be at it’s most effective only when delivered to the right person at the right moment. Failing to identify the correct client type or the triggers and timescales that will cause them to need your services.If you can’t clearly define when your product or service is required and by whom, your sales message is likely to be just as undefined.

There can be other red flags when your prospects simply don’t understand what you do or how they may benefit from your product or service, but these are the key warning signs – especially number 1.

So how do you create a Clear Sales Message? click here to find out:

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