Unrealistic Discounts

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What is it?

When you’re offered a discount or a bonus that is “usually” a very high price but is now all of a sudden very low or free… alarm bells start to ring.


Why does it work?

This is because the heavily discounted thing has probably never sold for that price – it’s merely the estimation of it’s value.  And we know this, we aren’t that naive… well most of us aren’t. If the value of the “free” bonuses is worth 20x more than the price you are paying, then how is this possible? Surely it’s better to sell something for £2497 rather than give it away for free?


How can you use it?

If you want to make your buyers suspicious and unsure about buying from you, price everything at £2497 and then discount it back to £25 or free. It works like a charm every time…


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