This book isn’t the answer. 

This book isn’t the answer, it’s the question.

Lots of questions in fact.

With over 100 questions to help you start, progress and control the sales conversation, you will never be lost for words again.

All that stands between you and making the sale are questions.

Asking the right questons can help you to not only establish rapport and a relationship with your prospects, it can reveal precisely their situation and needs- allowing you to perfectly tailor your offering and progress the sale.

Asking the right questions can make or break the sale.

A “cheat sheet” of questions you can rely on.

A reference tool to help you.

There are many books about “how to sell” but very few give you a “cheat sheet” of questions you can lean on if you feel like the conversation is staling or that you’re not making much progress.

This book is a reference to be kept at hand for every sales call, conversation and email you will ever have.

Never be lost for words again.

100 Selling Questions was designed to help sales people start, progress and control the sales conversation.

Maximising your chance of doing business by asking the right questions and staying in control of the conversation.

The question is – are you going to buy the book?




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