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What is it?

Activity counters are used to relay important stats about the volume of clients/products/work you deal with on a regular basis. It’s used to help portray an image of a busy, successful company.

Why does it work?

It works because it creates a sense of abundance, which implies not only are you good at what you do and are popular, but that many other clients use your products and services which could lead to feelings of FOMO or somehow being at a disadvantage. When you share just how many widgets you sell, or calls you take, you are communicating directly to your end user that you are busy for a reason…

How can you use it?

Depending on your business, consider the important metrics that you could share (from a confidentiality and business critical viewpoint) as well as what really matters. If you were a taxi company for example, then number of journeys, miles travelled, petrol used and other such metrics could be used to create that sense of abundance and busy-ness.

Metrics to track could include – number of clients, value of transactions, number of deliveries, appointments, emails, calls, meetings or anything that would present a factual indication of how busy you are.

This can also work well on websites – see The Live Activity Effect.


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