The client:

Amberth are a North London based company supplying and fitting custom made kitchens, bathrooms and fitted interiors. Unlike nearly all other companies in the space, Amberth create everything from scratch. There is no prefabrication and no “ranges”- everything is made to measure and made to order.

This is Amberth’s ultimate USP, but something that wasn’t clearly being comunicated when we were commission to work with them.

The brief:

The quality of the work Amberth produce is second to none, but differentiating from “high street” businesses such as Magnet and clearly communicating the values and craftsmanship were the primary focus.

In the world of kitchens and bathrooms, the word “bespoke” is so over used it has lost some meaning. Amberth produce “truly” bespoke interiors from scratch, whereas their competitors produce ranges which can be customised which is an entirely different proposition.

Amberth were also producing a new website, so the copy, layout and bespoke training were also required to complete the new Clear Sales Message.

The delivery:

The key to the success of this client was to confirm precisely what they offer and how they differentiate from the “off the shelf” style of competitors who don’t create everything from scratch.

“Where life meets style.”

This encapsulates Amberth’s approach exactly. They take a keen interest in the lifestyle, available interior space and tastes of their clients and then translate that into a completely unique made to order fitted interior.

We also introduced descriptives such as “unique”, “made to order” and “custom made” to move away from the potentially confusing “bespoke” terminology and to do justice to the amazing work that Amberth produce.

Due to the common lack of understanding regarding why a made to measure kitchen, bathroom or fitted interior would be so “expensive” we also created an acrostic for the staff to use so they are prepared for this objection.

We used the word PRICE.

Project Management. You have one dedicated point of contact to take care of you every step of the way.

Relative. The cost of a kitchen or bathroom is relative tot he cost of your house- would you put a £10k kitchen in a £1M house?

Investment. A Fully custom made interior is an investment in your property and can add value.

Craftsmanship. There are no templates or ranges, everything is made to order, from scratch,

Experience. Amberth have been fitting kitchens and bathrooms for the last 18 years to the highest standards.

As a result of the Clear Sales Message work, Amberth can confidently move forward with a clear and engaging website, sales message and a confident sales team.

The feedback:

“Best part of James’s service was a training session, which he prepared for our team. This made all of us to look at our product and customer service from a different perspective. When we realised that what we sell are not kitchens or bathrooms, but an aspiration, piece of mind and life style, it was very enlightening and made a big change in our approach to customers and sales process. If you think it is not going to work well for you please let me know!”