Assumed Intent

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What is it?

Assumed Intent is all about making decisions for your buyer and telling them what they want.


Why does it work?

It’s dangerous to the sale as it completely disregards the needs and feelings of your buyer. Selling gets a bad reputation from exactly this type of behaviour. When you moved from “are you interested?” to “of course you’re interested!” it puts the needs of the seller ahead of those of the buyer which is never a good thing.


How can you use it?

If you really want to lose the sale then tell me what I want, why I’m crazy not to buy from you and assume any uncertainty on my part is completely irrelevant and push for the sale.



I had a message vis LinkedIn from this person who cold messaged me. The word “when” stands out in the message as they are trying to imply and assume that I will join their webinar because, after all, they are too busy to respond on Linkedin…. despite having messaged ME first on the platform!


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