The client:

Aston Hospitality Experts are an experienced hospitality consultancy who work in both the UK and the UAE.

The brief:

In the competitive hospitality space, Aston Hospitality wanted to narrow their offering and create a more memorable and engaging presence.

The delivery:

As a result of the Clear Sales Message work, we encouraged Aston to relocate their website from www.aston-he.com to the more memorable www.expertsinhospitality.com. We narrowed their offering from a one stop shop to the three distinctive areas where they offer the most value, segmenting their website accordingly:

“Experts in Reducing Costs, Driving Sales  & Operational Excellence”

Including case studies on their website, a glossary of terms to explain jargon and taking a clearer approach in their web and promotional copy, every touchpoint is now more engaging and easier to understand.

The feedback:

“Working with Clear Sales Message allowed us to focus our offering from a “one stop shop” approach to being very specific about the value that we bring and where our expertise lies. With their help we relocated our website to a new, more relatable domain name and created email signatures and other collateral to reinforce our new focussed approach.”