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What is it?

Giving your buyer something to celebrate their birthday can keep them happy, make them feel valued and drive them to buy depending on how you use it…


Why does it work?

It works because on your birthday you are generally in a good mood and feeling special.

A time sensitive freebie or offer that is limited to one day of the year is a great reason to contact your buyer that they will be familiar with, but not overwhelmed by


How can you use it?

There are two things you can give your buyer and two ways to communicate it – depending on your offering.

  • A freebie – Give them something completely for free – with or without purchase.
  • A discount –Encourage them to buy with a special birthday offer.

There are two ways to communicate it:

  • Tell them – For clubs and memberships, an annual freebie or gift on your birthday is attractive and used to get you to sign up.
  • Make it a surprise – Surprising a buyer on a birthday with something, depending on your business can be more effective.


Although remember…..don’t send them a printed, fake personalised card though – you weither put in effort or you don’t, don’t fake the effort.


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