Fake Personalisation

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What is it?

Not everything is as it seems, some “personal” emails/DMs and even videos are mass produced and fake.

I recently had an outreach email where the person didn’t name check me at all, using the term “buddy” and using vague platitudes to pretend he knew who I was and how he could help.


Why does it work?

Fake personalisation has the REVERSE effect of proper personalisation.

Proper personalisation exists to let your buyer know you have invested time and energy in communicating with them. You care about them and they have your attention.

FAKE personalisation (when discovered)  makes you feel insignificant. It’s just that this person is trying to be clever and pretend they are investing time and energy when they aren’t. AKA lying.


How can you use it?

If you want to make your potential buyer instantly be wary of you then use general terms like “buddy” instead of a name and pretend you are personalising things, when you aren’t.


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