Torsten Brose – OnCue Transport

“We grew from £3M to £11M with James’ help”

  • Business naming
  • Clear Sales Message™
  • Ongoing sales training & support


Jack Longman – Longman Media Co

“The right terminology helped us close a £12k deal”

    • Business naming
    • Clear Sales Message™

John Ryan – SymTerra

“Having a Clear Sales Message™  helped us to secure funding.”

    • Clear Sales Message™

Jonah Blackburn – Lucid Meme

“James understood our business better than we did!”

    • Clear Sales Message™

Abigail Ireland – Peak Performance Strategist

“People didn’t always understand exactly what I offered…”

    • Clear Sales Message™
    • Business Naming

Tony Walmsley

“I no longer over-think my responses when selling.”

    • Clear Sales Message™
    • Product Naming

Ben Mekie – Acuity Associates

“We struggled to articulate the true value of our offering.”

    • Clear Sales Message™

Paul Webb, B2B Energy Expert

“I struggled to articulate my offering for 42 years”

    • Clear Sales Message™

Selena Quick – PAD London

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without James’ help”

    • Clear Sales Message™

Ricardo Araujo – Ariodante Travel

“It used to take me half an hour to explain what we do”

        • Business naming
        • Clear Sales Message™


Liam O’Leary – Laser Red

“We struggled to explain what we offered and why people should work with us”

        • Clear Sales Message™


Nick Hallam – This is Actuate

“I didn’t know how to talk about my new business”

        • Business naming
        • Clear Sales Message™

Fergus Crockett – Developing Business Performance.

“I became really confident about what I was selling to people”

        • Business naming
        • Clear Sales Message™



We work with other creative agencies to help their clients too:

Lidia Rumley – The Brand Storyteller.

“We needed an expert at naming businesses”



Doug Benson – Visual Dialogue

“It’s the most direct way to get what i need.”



We also speak, lecture and run training for organisations and universities:

Karolina Jagodzinska – MSDUK

His lessons are always well structured and easy to follow



Maurizina Da Silva – London & Partners

“Clear Sales Message™  was the missing piece to help our founders articulate their offering and improve their performance and confidence.”


Baldeep Hothi – BirkBeck University

“James is great to work with – he makes everything so much simpler and lighter.”