Do you lack confidence when you “sell”?


Seems like an obvious question doesn’t it?




If I asked you one of the seven common questions in business such as:


  • “What do you do?”
  • “Why should I choose you?”
  • “How can you help me?”


How would you answer?


Would you struggle?


……And if I ask you the same question this time next week– would the answer be the same?


Or would it be different every time?


If you’re in a team would I get different answers from different people?

It’s fair to assume that we understand the importance of consistent branding:


  • Same logos
  • Same fonts
  • Same colours


But when it comes to sales conversations we leave it to chance.


We say what comes to us at the moment, with no real structure or plan.


We don’t have consistent messaging.


This can damage your chance of making the sale.


And worse it can dent your confidence when it comes to “selling”.


We unknowingly leave our sales conversations to chance.


You spend so much time, energy and money getting to speak with a potential client, it’s a shame to risk the outcome and not maximise every conversation to sell.


But this is what’s happening.

(and if you’ve read this far it’s resonating with you..)


This is an opportunity that most businesses miss.

Think about how much money you might be leaving on the table.

Every prospect that ends in no sale is costing your business money.

Not because your offering is poor.

Not because your marketing isn’t driving leads.

But because you don’t have a structured and considered approach for how you speak with your prospects.

Your consistent branding isn’t being supported with a consistent and Clear Sales Message.


Selling is about good communication and finding a connection point.

It’s about understanding your buyer, understanding their needs and then communicating how you can help.

It comes down to being able to answer common questions and having an engaging and C.L.E.A.R approach.

It’s about confidence, consistency and having engaging answers to common questions.


It’s time to stop taking risks.

It’s time to take control.

It’s time to convert more prospects to clients.

It’s time to create a Clear Sales Message.


Think you might be leaving your sales to chance?


You have two options:


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