Dee Burrowes


The client:

Dee Burrowes is a certified professional life coach and NLP practitioner, specialising in mindset transformation.

She uses proven coaching techniques and NLP to help her clients to overcome the limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours they might be facing, to help them create the life they want.

The brief:

With a new website being launched, Dee wanted to take the opportunity to refine her message and to differentiate herself from the competition.

The life coaching space can be crowded, so standing out and having a Clear Sales Message is vital to finding and converting potential clients- both online and offline.

The delivery:

The key to success was in using Dee’s name as the focus for the sales message. Being a life coach, Dee’s personal brand and appearance is important.

As such, we were able to create the tagline:

“If you want a life as simple as A,B,C – Think Dee.”

Not only does the tagline resonate because it taps into a well-known phrase, it incorporates Dee’s name and helps her to stand out in the crowded world of life coaches.

A,B,C stands for Accountability, Belief and Control which are 3 key elements when working with a life coach and seeking to change your life.

As well as creating the tagline, we crafted the copy for Dee’s new website and included prevention for some common objections made towards life coaching which help to convert website visitors and provide Dee with sales materials to help her convert clients.

The feedback:

“My first session with James was very profound for which he left me with a huge sense of excitement as I finally nailed a relatable tagline.  James has an exceptional ability to always support anyone who wants to cast a light on their core message and he does so in a collaborative process.

Working with James has allowed me to better clarify my sales message and how I communicate about my business. The tagline he created is not only memorable, but it’s fun and allows me to have more of an impact and describe the nature of what I do in just a few words.”