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What is it?

When communicating with someone – if you tell them you will take an action unless you hear back from them,…. it can encourage a response.

How does it work?

It works because it flips the permission in the situation. If you ask to do something, you may never get permission, if you tell them you will do it and they don’t want you to… then you will hear from them!

It can also provide an easier way of communicating and progressing things by you taking the lead in the situation.

How can you use it?

This can be a bit divisive so proceed with caution, but imagine this scenario:


Option 1

“Hi James, I’m going to schedule a meeting with you for 2pm next Monday – if that’s not convenient let me know.”

Option 2

“Hi James, are you free for a meeting next Monday at 2pm? Please let me know.”


It’s easy to ignore option 2 and option 1, in the right circumstances, communicates the confidence, certainty and expertise your buyer is looking for.

Proceed with caution,  but it definitely helps to get a response.

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