The client:

DeMachin are a property management company specialising in helping landlords maximise the return from their rental property.

The brief:

With a new website being planned, DeMachin wanted to take the opportunity to refine their message and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The delivery:

The key to the success of this client was to confirm precisely what they offer and how they differentiate from lettings agents who offer property management.

Having carried out our research and taken the time to understand how DeMachin works, we decided upon the tagline:

“We manage. To save you time and money.”

This encapsulates DeMachin’s core offering of  maximising the return to landlords through cost reduction, handling everything which saves time and achieving everything by being a dedicated property management company.

To take this a step further and to create an engaging answer to “how do you do what you do?” we developed the word RENT into an acrostic:

Reduce costs and

Eliminate charges, by

Negotiating better


As a result of the Clear Sales Message work, DeMachin can confidently move forward with a clear and engaging website, sales message and a confident sales approach.

The feedback:

“James got straight to the heart of our sales message we wanted to convey to our clients, to which they can relate. As our company is slightly different to our nearest competitors, we tended to be pigeon holed by most and worse people didn’t understand what we did. James helped us to be more effective and clearer in how we communicated the essence of who we are and what we do. We recommend Clear Sales Message to all companies who may lose sight of their sales message over time and would benefit from a fresh and objective perspective.”