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What is it?

Sometimes your buyer simply won’t be aware of the problem they are facing or are about to face and, as such, they won’t be interested in your offering as they “are fine”. In these situations we need to be able to educate our buyer (politely) and bring the issue to their attention.


Why does it work?

It works to convert because if you can educate me about something that matters and I would have otherwise missed, I feel inclined to repay your help.


How can you use it?

Whether your buyer is experiencing a problem, or about to, there will be triggers and signs that will signal things aren’t right.

  • We simply need to ask our buyers “have they have experienced XYZ issue?”
  • We can also ask them “how are you preparing for XYZ issue?”

Flipping this on it’s head, we can also ask them speculative questions about inaction and delay

  • “What would happen if XYZ went wrong?”

It’s nearly impossible for me to give you specifics here, but the principle of asking them about consequences, preparation and symptoms they may be experiencing will help move you forward. (Many of these are dead end questions btw)


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