The Hidden Choice

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What is it?

If you choose to go to the gym, you are choosing to be fit, healthy and strong. If you skip going today you are “choosing” to be less fit/healthy/strong but it’s less obvious.  As you don’t feel like you have chosen for things to get worse, the impact of it doesn’t feel so important- missing one day can’t hurt… right?


Why does it work?

It works because as humans we fool ourselves with the decisions we make and things we do and don’t do, often letting emotions guide us rather than logic and rationality. It’s much easier to ignore the negative consequences of delay or inaction rather than take responsibility for them. The fact is, indecision is a form of decision and inaction is a form of action – it’s just a bit hidden…

How can you use it?

Without scaring your buyer or using FUD (fear/uncertainty/doubt) to bully them, it’s important that you remind your buyer of the negative consequences of their inaction or indecision as they may literally be unaware of the gravity of the situation. You could create a before/after picture or a timeline illustration to visualise precisely what may happen.



Teeth brushing is another fine example of “it will be ok if I skip today” but something that over time can have a much more pervasive impact.


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