(hug) London

The client:

You can tell from their name that (hug) London are genuinely lovely people. As a London based design agency focussing on the SME market, (hug) help businesses get noticed by creating incredible logos, websites, business cards and so much more.

The brief:

In the competitive world of branding and creating websites, (hug) wanted a Clear Sales Message and a way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Although there are numerous benefits to professional branding- especially in the SME space, (hug) wanted a succinct way to communicate these benefits and to engage their clients.

The delivery:

The key to the success of this client was to take a fresh look at design. Often, design is dismissed as an “expense” that has a seemingly unknown ROI. Contrasting the perceived “expensive” nature of design with the budget conscious SME market was the first hurdle to tackle.

As part of the project we encapsulated what (hug) London do in a simple statement:

“Big business branding for small business budgets.”

We then tackled the common objections to design and looked at branding being an investment, not a cost. By comparing real world examples such as wine, designer t shirts and premium coffee, it’s easier to understand the power that branding has and why it’s so essential to any business, but to SMEs in particular.

As a result (hug) can now confidently communicate the tangible benefits of professional branding and differentiate themselves from the competition.

If you want an unfair advantage in the world of one man brands and fiverr.com designs, then it’s time to embrace design with (hug) London.

The feedback:

“A Clear Sales Message truly helps businesses explain what they do, why that matters to their clients and why they should choose their product or service. This gives businesses a HUGE, valuable and tangible advantage in today’s crowded market place.

There are few guaranteed investments in business. Clear Sales Message is a great investment with proven return on investment.”