The client:

Intuition are a pan European tech recruitment company providing contract and permanent staffing within cloud enterprise and data management.

Specialising in some of the most advanced technologies and working with some of the largest Blue Chip clients, they are a dominant force in the marketplace.

The brief:

With an upcoming website refresh, Intuition wanted to also refresh their messaging and ensure they were presenting a clear and engaging sales message in the highly competitive marketplace within which they operate.


The delivery:


“The personnel side of technology”


Creating a short, engaging and explanatory tagline was the first part of the process. Playing on the duality of personal and personnel, in 5 words it’s now clear where Intuition operate and what they offer.

The name of the company was incorporated into another tagline to be used in marketing collateral:


“Technology runs on logic. Finding the right people takes intuition.”


Intuition operate in a marketplace which is awash with technological wording and jargon as well as a number of different products and disciplines.

To reduce this information overload and engage potential clients, we created the acrostic DATA which covers at a high level the areas within which Intuition work:


    • Developing software
    • Analysing data
    • Technical infrastructure
    • Application integration


This contextual explanation, along with the new tagline and copy for the new website will allow Intuition to clearly explain what they do and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

The feedback:

“insert quote”