Kensington Executive



The client:

Sidney Masters, founder of Kensington Executive has over 30 years experience in headhunting and executive search at the highest level. Having never not found a person for a role, Sidney has worked with large tech companies across the globe and is a recognised and respected specialist in his field.

The brief:

Despite his successes, Sidney has a relatively low profile in the UK and commissioned a new website to enable him to reach more clients and potential candidates, whilst also clearly communicating what he does and why executive search is so crucial.

The delivery:

We helped Sidney to truly define his offering and allow him to explain it to potential candidates and clients alike. Terms such as “headhunter” and “executive search” can sometimes be misunderstood or have certain connotations. As such, Sidney can now explain contextually what he and Kensington Executive offer which is principally:


“We are specialist recruiters for hard to find people.”


We were able to encapsulate everything that Sidney and Kensington Executive do in just 3 words which will provide a powerful welcome to new website visitors and feature in his sales collateral:

“Tech Talent. Found.”


The feedback:

“Amazing, just amazing. James managed to focus what our business was about into three simple words. That is a very, very clear message. Customers and prospects can now see clearly what we do.