The client:

Nemorin Creative Film and Video are a branded video production company.

They create bespoke video content for businesses, brands and agencies globally.

The brief:

Whilst an established and successful business,  Nemorin wanted a succinct way to explain the benefits of using branded video to those who were unaware of it’s potential.

The delivery:

As a result of the value proposition work conducted, we concluded that video had three distinct benefits to business:

Reach – Video helps to Reach more people as video content is inherently shareable.

Engage – Video is more engaging and processed much faster than any other medium.

Convert – Video can increase website landing page conversion rates by up to 80%

As a memorable way to encapsulate the Reach, Engage, Convert concept we linked this to the record button on a video player.

The feedback:

“The value proposition work has allowed us to confidently explain to potential clients who are not yet aware of the power of branded video. The simple and memorable REC system created for us also now forms part of our presentations and marketing collateral.”