On Demand Support

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What is it?

Your buyers may need support with your product or service, so it makes sense to have a free or paid for on demand support service that they can access.

Why does it work?

It works because some things will fall outside the remit of your guarantee or the level of service you are providing a customer. It also works because some offerings only require ad hoc support and as such having a longer term “service plan” isn’t commercially viable or beneficial.



How can you use it?

Consider the support your buyers need after they have made their purchase. There will be a certain amount of goodwill, customer service and a guarantee for you to adhere to, but beyond that where do your clients need you and how could you help them?

For example, this website is hosted with Google Cloud and they provide the hosting but no technical support. If I’d like technical support I can either find a specialist to help me or I can pay someone at Google to help me. The thinking is that as the support will be provided by Google “in house” it should be more effective and less of a risk. Whilst I don’t need 24/7 help for technical issues, I may have an ad hoc need and, Google have catered for this.





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